Municipality of Silkeborg

In Silkeborg, a bustling municipality of nearly 90,000 people in central Denmark, the local government’s IT infrastructure is a critical component of the social fabric and ensures essential government services are delivered smoothly. Residents rely on the Municipality’s website to connect with government offices, while employees depend on a myriad of other applications and services to manage workflows and perform their jobs.

Faster. Better. Simpler.

Before Savision, when the customer-facing website or internal services broke down, Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) drowned Silkeborg’s system administrator Jan Løbner Dam and his team with a barrage of alerts. It took hours for him and his team to investigate each SCOM alert and get to the actual origin of a disruption. Savision Live Maps was the answer as the municipality looked for a Business Service Management solution that would not only create better visibility when services failed, but also reduce the time to resolution.

With Savision, the process of sorting through SCOM alerts takes Løbner Dam and his team minutes instead of hours, saving them at least 80% of the time it took them before. Now, they can easily cut through the noise and filter out irrelevant alerts.

Its service dependency mapping abilities let his team swiftly drill down to the root-cause of a service interruption and farm out the fix to the appropriate staff. The municipality has even avoided false alarms of shutting down a server when SCOM alerts indicated the website was down.

“Savision Live Maps is so much faster, better and simpler, than other solutions out there” Løbner Dam said.

“Savision Live Maps created a bridge between SCOM and SCSM. It gives me and the people around me a better view of what is happening and how everything is linked together. With Savision, we can see the whole picture.”

System Administrator

Services Integrated. Logically.

He has created views for both Silkeborg’s service desk and his IT team, so both teams benefit from obtaining the relevant information they need. Savision gives the service desk a high-level view of the municipality’s IT health in real-time, signaling when users can’t access a particular program meanwhile the IT team benefits from a more detailed and technical view.

The municipality started relying even more on Savision Live Maps when they wanted to integrate the discovery information from SCOM with System Center Service Manager’s (SCSM) CMDB – the municipality’s IT Service Management tool. With Savision, Løbner Dam and his team can view business services and issues in both SCSM and SCOM, and enrich incidents with affected service information to determine impact so the team can prioritize and triage the issue more quickly.

“Savision Live Maps created a bridge between SCOM and SCSM. It gives me and the people around me a better view of what is happening and how everything is linked together,” he said. “With Savision, we can see the whole picture.”

Big screen, bigger benefits

With Savision, Løbner Dam can easily monitor the municipality’s IT health from a large screen in the corner of the office or from his tablet in the comfort of his own home. He can spend more time on long-term or new IT projects and less time handling day-to-day flare-ups.