CIO Dashboards and Mobile Alerts

Are you pressured to show simple dashboards with proactive messaging on service-outages? In this session, we show you how to create dashboards that make things visible for your manager(s) on both, screen and mobile. We are concentrating on dashboards that do not just show red, but display more detailed and proactive messaging. In an MSP situation, this will be useful to keep end users and the customer in the loop.

During the session, we focus on:

1. Allocating specific data to dashboards suited for CIO use

2. Setting up our mobile feature

Q&A Summary


1. When will the new Savision Live Maps Android app be available?

The new app will be available with the Savision Live Maps 10.4 release, which is expected to be available before the end of May 2019.


Good to know

If you are an unlimited Live Maps customer, you can take advantage of free access to iQ with the SCOM connection. Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you coordinate the install.

Also, you can contact us to schedule a technical session where we will show you how to build out more successful C-level dashboards.

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