How to share your Live Maps dashboards and PowerShell scripts

Watch our user group session to learn about the following:

  • How to create and share links with others in your organization
  • The new import/ export dashboards feature
  • Using the PowerShell query widget
  • How to create a dark colour theme

Q&A Summary


1. Does PowerShell for OS work in v10.0 vs. v10.1?

Yes, but it won’t work with prior releases.

2. Can we define colors for pie/bar charts?

Not at this time. This is a feature request that we have received and are looking into.

3. Is v10.0 compatible with 1806?

Yes, from v10.0 on it is compatible with 2012, 2016, 1801 and other semi-annual releases (current branch).

4. Can we add additional columns to the alert widget, i.e. repeat count?

Not at this time but we are working on adding this to the product line.

5. Can we get a widget to display SolarWinds content?

Yes, there are several ways to do this:

a) If the SolarWinds content is in SCOM, then you can use the health state widget.

b) Savision does offer a direct integration with SolarWinds Orion. This is separately licensed for Live Maps. This is a two way integration and will allow users to interact with SolarWinds directly. For more information please contact your Customer Success Manager.

c) There is also the SQL query widget that can be used. This would pull the data directly from the SolarWinds DB, but please note that the drill down links will not work in this case.

6. As of v10.1 we added a log section into Live Maps.

This allows us to do additional trouble-shooting used for support issues

7. Can you use PowerShell to pull data from SolarWinds? (similar to SQL)?

Yes you can do this with PowerShell as this is not limited to only SCOM data. There is a discussion about this in our Community Forum.