Live Maps v10.2 and our new SCOM Management Pack

Walk through the latest updates in Live Maps v10.2! We are introducing many amazing features and widgets that will enhance your experience with Live Maps. Additionally, take a sneak peek into our new SCOM Management Pack which allows monitoring of database query results in SCOM.

Watch our user group session for the following topics:

  • Live Maps v10.2 Release Overview
    • CSS refresh
    • Heat maps
    • Services overview
    • Service map
    • Summary dashboard
    • Health Explorer
  • New SCOM Management Pack for DB Query Monitoring
  • Martello Technologies Introduction
    • New support tool

Note: January 31, 2019

Q&A Summary


1. What is Angular?

Angular is the technology that we are using in Live Maps, and we are in the process of moving our product from the old code to the new angular code. The difference is the old code involved server-side rendering, and the new angular code is more responsive with client-side rendering.

2. Can I use the PowerShell or SQL widgets to make dashboards for other systems like Service Manager or Configuration Manager?

Yes. They can be used to connect to any SQL or PowerShell source. There is a change in the latest version where we have started to allow you to use the User Credential Store to run your PowerShell code instead of just the app pool user. This opens up the possibilities without as much worry about the app pool having the permissions to the data you are after. If you require more information, please contact

3. What is the plan to release 10.3? Is there an approved date?

10.3 is scheduled to be released towards the end of February 2019. The big change for this will be moving some of the diagram views into the angular side. A Beta version (NOT PRODUCTION READY) will be available soon if you would like to try it in your environment. If interested, please contact

4. Will the SQL Query MP Support string results in the future?

No, currently it’s not supported. Is there a use case you would like to see? Please email, and we will review it.