Newly Released Live Maps Mobile App, SCOM 2019 Upgrade, and our iQ Connector Spotlight: VMware and O365

In this session, we: 

  • Walk you through our new and improved Live Maps mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is now available for download on the Play Store and App Store.  
  • Explore the SCOM 2019 upgrade path for Live Maps; critical for those who are planning the move to SCOM 2019 in the coming months.  
  • Present the detailed specifications of our Savision iQ connectors for VMware and O365. This will be the first of our iQ Spotlight series, where we will take a deeper dive into the specifications of the iQ connectors we offer.  

Our Customer Support Manager, Chris Malay is presenting, supported by our Customer Success Managers Andrea Easton and Luke O’Keeffe.

Q&A Summary


1. We already upgraded Live Maps to the latest version, and we have the mobile app set up. Will we need to do anything special other than upgrade the app on our device. If we upgrade Live Maps will the old app stop working?

Customer had an early support build before the new app process was put in place. We can make no guarantee that the older apps will continue to work with V10.4. It is recommended that you plan to implement the new app at the same time you are up grading to V10.4.

Now the new app doesn’t use the Savision Live Maps Mobile MP or the Savision Live Maps Mobile Notification service. The new app registers the mobile device at the Portal level.

2. Does Live Maps offer any performance reporting capability?

Live Maps is a real-time event experience, meaning it shows current states. There isn’t a lot of past event reporting, however we do offer a free MP that can be used to report on things when they are built out into a Live Maps service. For example, the free MP for SCOM that allows you to print a report on the top 5 alerts in a service. This gives you a good idea on the things causing the outages. Additionally, if you look at any individual service in Live Maps you can see what you’re SLA’s were like this month.

We are adding more reporting into iQ so if you have suggestions of what you would like to see please let us know.

3. Can you speak more about any known security issues with the Live Maps Mobile app?

We use https and the data that goes between the portal and the app itself is encrypted. If you are going to host a portal on the outside world to allow your staff to work with the app from home, you need to make sure it has a cert applied to the portal itself (it’s similar to any IIS website). We do everything across the port that it’s running on. It’s also worth noting that Google Firebase is how notifications are sent out.

4. Did you build the service maps for Office 365 in iQ or are they created out of the box?

This was a service shown during the User group. It is a service built directly in iQ and is not an Out of the box type of service. It was all done with rules to populate the components into the service.